To Know before you Go

Important! We strongly recommend that you arrive in Ushuaia a day or two before embarkation to have some additional time in case of flight delays and lost luggage.
There is plenty to see and to explore in the southernmost city of the world. Please note that embarkation is usually at 4 pm and the ship will set sail at 6 pm and cannot wait for missing passengers or luggage.

Passports must be valid at least 3 months beyond intended stay.

For information on Visa requirements to travel to Argentina, please check:

For information on Visa requirements to travel to Chile, please check:

For information on Visa requirements to travel to New Zealand, please check:

For information on Visa requirements to travel to Australia, please check:

Vaccinations - International Certificate of Vaccination required for Yellow Fever if arriving from infected area within 5 days.

Health and Vaccination Information

Yellow Fever Vaccination - None required unless you arrive from an infected area.
No Visa Required for stay up to 3 months.
Malaria - Malaria exists in rural areas near Bolivian Border, Salta and Jujuy Provinces.
Cholera - Cholera is reported in certain areas of the country.
The requirements and information listed above are to help you in preparing for your expedition. Requirements are for most European and U.S. citizens only. If you are not a European or U.S. Citizen other documents, in addition to a valid passport, may be required. Citizens of countries other than Europe and the United States should consult the appropriate consulate or their travel agents; a visa may be required for entry. It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to ensure all required documents are complete and current.

This information is provided for your guidance only; certain exceptions may apply. Please contact your personal physician for individual concerns. In addition to your physician, a good source of health information for travelers is the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta; you can find them online at CDC also operates a 'Travelers Hotline' at the following number: 1-877-394-8747.


Our expedition from South America to Antarctica is scheduled during the austral summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Generally in the Antarctic, temperatures during the day are between -5° to 5° C (20° and 40° F). Although it can be very sunny, expect rain, snow, fog and a high wind chill factor.

The Physical Condition you need to join an expedition cruise

You must be in good overall health and be able to walk several hours per day. The expedition is ship-based and physically not very demanding, but we spend as much time as possible on shore. You are, however, welcome to remain aboard the ship if you prefer. To join most excursions you must be able to get up and down the steep gangway, from the ship to the water level, to board the Zodiacs. Staff will assist you in and out of the boats, and boarding will become progressively easier with practice, but conditions on shore can be slippery and rocky. Remember, you will be traveling in remote areas without access to sophisticated medical facilities, so you must not join this expedition if you have a life-threatening condition or need daily medical treatment.


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