We are a team of professionals in Polar Regions, with a great knowledge of Antarctica and the Arctic. Having worked on board several expedition ships as Expedition Leaders, Lectures, and Naturalists ourselves (and we continue to do so every season), we have the inside knowledge to give you the best advice at the time of choosing the right expedition for you.

Our passion for the Arctic and Antarctica made us develop this project to help people find the trip of their life.

Sebastián Arrebola | The Polar Travel Company

Sebastián Arrebola

Sebastián has over 15 years of experience traveling to Polar Regions. He has led more than one hundred expeditions to Antarctica on board different vessels, lecturing on Geography, Ice, and Antarctic History.

+1 786 352 8686
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Agustín Ullmann | The Polar Travel Company

Agustín Ullmann

Agustín finished his career as Park Ranger in 2003 and landed in Antarctica, like many others have, by chance. Little could he imagine what Antarctica was.

+1 305 846 1200
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Malva Canonico | The Polar Travel Company

Malva Canonico

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Malva grew up in a traveler's family, living in a motorhome for many years while touring all around the country.

+1 305 548 9650
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Why to choose The Polar Travel Company?

We are experts in Antarctica and the Arctic travel. We will guide you with personal attention through the vast options to choose when it comes to Arctic and Antarctica travel. We work directly with all the polar operators to provide you with the most suitable option at the time of choosing your adventure, from luxury cruise ships, to more adventurous sailing boats, or, for the most extreme, an expedition to the interior of the Antarctic Continent or a Ski expedition to the North Pole. We wish that travelers, nature lovers, photographers and educational programs from around the world can share with us the unique experience of traveling in those amazing places.

What we do

We understand how hard can be planning an expedition to a remote place, to find the right ship, and the right time to go. We will help you through all the different stages of your trip, from the planning, the choosing of the right ship, to the time of packing your suitcase and what to wear while making the trip of a life time.


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