Vast and wild, Patagonia is known worldwide as a land of unforgettable landscapes, forests, glaciers and sea.
With more than 1,000,000 km2, the region is shared between Argentina and Chile. On the East Coast, on the Argentine side, dramatic cliffs and beaches are ideal environments for coastal wildlife: Elephant Seals, Magellanic Penguins, Cormorants, Southamerican Sea Lions, Seagulls, Terns and hundreds of coastal birds.
At the beginning of the journey to the west we enter the Patagonian steppe, arid and cold, habitat of Guanacos, Maras and Choiques.
But as we approach the mountain ranges of the Andes, with the highest rainfall, the Coihues, Cypresses and Maitenes thrive, among others.

But the stars of Patagonia are undoubtedly its forests and lakes, landscapes of such beauty that inspired illustrious people from all over the world for their characters, stories and legends.

The west coast is crossed by the incomparable Chilean Fjords, places where the forests join the sea and the glaciers are within easy reach.

Fjords are narrow sea entrances with a great depth (greater than 200 meters) that the glaciers left during their erosion and today can be traversed in different means of transport. The mountains, lakes and islands that characterize the area between Puerto Montt and Cabo de Hornos, which with their snowdrifts, ice fields, canals and bays complete a dreamlike environment, are added to this Patagonian landscape. By many, one of the most beautiful areas in southern Chile.

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